Group timeline


February 2024


It was time to update our group picture, just before our periodical group meeting

July 2023


Alessandro Migliavacca just join the team as an executive Ph.D, so  we use the occasion and a sunny day to update our group picture 

November 2022

September 2022

June 2022


Dec 2021

Expansion of the group, expansion of the research. 

24 Oct 2021

SEFI Lab actively participated in non competitive 5 km run CorriBicocca, the run of the University of Milano-Bicocca in support of the projects of the Rava Foundation dedicated to the minors of the Beccaria prison.

July 2021  

Celebrations for Raziyeh's published paper & welcome of Luca Stendardo as PhD student in the group


June 2020

 The first time is always memorable. 

This is not how I had imagined the first SEFI lab group picture (June 2020).But it's a pretty good picture. And - given the time we are living - there is no doubt it will be memorable! 

Research never stops.