February 2024

New paper about ice control and mitigation surface obtained by iCVD

March 2024

A recent interlaboratory study about the reliability of relevant parameters in Additive Manufacturing is available here

June 2024

Collaborative work gave place to a publication in Carbohydrate Polymers journal

January 2024

Chitosan water-soluble derivatives for application to capillary electrophoresis 

January 2024

Catalina's episode in the #SURFICEcomicseries is released!

March 2024

Veronica Radice and Alice Colombo defended their thesis about anti-icing materials


September 2023

Congratulations to Luca and the SURFICE team for their most recent contribution to the icing community!

October 2023

Congratulations to the new graduated students: Linda e Massimilano!

October 2023

Congratulations to Irene for winning the Falling Walls Italy 2023 and being selected for the International edition in Berlin

June 2023  

Raziyeh present her work about Understanding water drop impact on porous meshes for effective fog harvesting  in the DIPSI workshop 2023 in Bergamo, Italy

September 2023

Catalina present her work about the effect of lubrication on ice detachment regimes for PDS in the JICI VI helded in Granada, Spain 

September 2023

Raziyeh present "Drop impact on hydrophobic and superhydrophobic meshes" in the ILASS Group Meeting 2023,  in Naples, Italy 

May 23.  

In Catania, Italy, during the AIMAT 2023, Carlo presented the work "Characterization and design of pure photopolymers and suspensions for digital light processing (DLP)". Fruit of the work with Rajat and Raziyeh

June 2023

Congratulations to Pietro Ruggeri and to Michela Tamandi for their Msc and Bsc defense respectively

July 2023

SEFI Lab members visited the RSE (Ricerca Sistema Energetico) at Piacenza. One of the highlights of the visit was the snow chamber used to test the anti icing properties of electrical wirings


At the SAE intertional event, helded in Vienna, Austria, Carlo Antonini presented the SURFICE project while Luca Stendardo presented his work on "Dynamic and Static Test Methods: Quantifying the Shear Strength at the Interface " a collaborative work with Giulia Gastaldo from SURFICE


Luca's participation on the #SURFICEcomic series initiative is released


In the context of the surfice project, Carlo, Luca and Irene collaborated with @TUGraz and @FT Technologies to publish this paper in ACS Applied Materials Interfaces Journal


New paper out fruit of the collaboration with some institutes in China


Catalina participated in the EU Open day showing “What’s between a solid and a liquid” together with Navid from KULeuven and Viviana from University of Piamonte Orientale


Carlo and Irene collaborated with the Department of Biotechnology and bioscience of UNIMIB and with Aveiro Institute of Materials in Portugal in a review about chitosan based materiasl. 


SEFI Lab was represented in the Science is wonderful fair by Catalina Ospina, together with Navid Mostofi Sarkari from SURFICE and Viviana Ospina with the proposal: "Is That a Solid or A Liquid?" focused on explaining viscoelasticity for school students.


 Members of SEFILab participated in the SURFICE's  training school in TUDelft  


Carlo Antonini collaborated with University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in a recent paper


 Congratulations to Rajat for succesfully completing and defending his PhD.


This is the fisrst official SURFICE peer reviewed collaborative paper is out. It introduces freezing X-ray Computed Tomography (#XCT) as a versatile tool to shed light on the hidden aspects of ice/surface interface at a microscale level. 


The first paper of 2023 is out!

 Congratulations Rajat and thanks for your careful work during your Ph.D. since the first steps of the group  


Being scientists with disabilities: Carlo Antonini talks about his research path in the journal of the American Chemical Society


Carlo Antonini, as representative of the GEDI (Gender, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) working group of the MCAAssociation, has participated in the hybrid event "Gender Gap and Barriers to researchers' career of women in steam" organized by Gianna Avellis at University of Bari on Thu 17th November 2022, giving a short talk titled: 

"Gender, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion WG and Marie Curie Alumni Association"

This paper inspired the illustration made by Héloïse Chochois 

Paper in collaboration with Nice Lab 

Paper in collaboration with ETH Zurich


Alessandro Migliavacca just join the team as an executive Ph.D, so  we use the occasion and a sunny day to update our group picture


During this event, Rajat was finalist in the presentation competition, well done! 

Rajat's contribution to the additive manufacturing field. 


Congratulations to Michele!


@TU Graz

Congratulations to Margherita!  



Her M.Sc. thesis and obtained the Cum Laude award. 


Mar 2022- Oct 2022

@Instituto Ronzoni

Congratulations Chiara!


With the return of CorriBicocca, this time SEFILAB extended its presence with family and friends. 

This book came out at the beginning of 2022. 

Did you already take a look at this literature review? 



A new Material Scientist is graduated




Irene Tagliaro presented his work "Towards sustainable chitosan-based fluorine-free superhydrophobic coatings" at Junior Scientist meeting organized by the European Polysaccharine Network of Excellence -EPNOE-


 The UNIMIB team of SURFICE project hosted the Training school in Milan  


Raziyeh presented her research on the Dropen too in DIPSI workshop in Bergamo



Irene and Catalina presented their research work in ISPAC 2022: 33rd international symposium on polymer analysis and characterization in University of Milan-Bicocca.


 Luca, Catalina, Carlo and (remotely) Irene participated finally to the first SURFICE training at ISAE Supaero, Toulouse, France




January 2024

Chitosan water soluble derivatives as dynamic coating agents for application to capillary electrophoresis 

November 2023

New glycosylation method adaptable to any polymer functionalized with phenol residues or tyrosine containing proteins

October 2023

New paper out about Chitosan film sensors