Postdocs & PhD candidates
Master & bachelor students


Irene Tagliaro 

Background: MSc Chemistry science and technology. PhD Material Science and Nanotechnology

Academic interests: Study of interface phenomena and sustainable material alternatives. 

Ongoing projects: Project manager in SURFICE (Smart surface design for efficient ice protection and control)

Polysaccharide-based materials as coatings

Background: Solid state physics

Academic interests: Fundamental studies on the solid-liquid interaction, and development of wetting-based strategies for real applications 

Ongoing projects: Fog harvesting from the atmosphere (WaterHaB project)

Development of new software to analyze the static and quasi-static wetting (Dropen)

PhD Candidates

Background: Mechanical Engineering, Micro- and nanoscale thermodynamics, Renewable energy

Academic interests: Ice mitigation strategies and their impact on aviation industry. Surface technologies for energy efficiency improvements. 

Ongoing projects: Investigations of physics of ice adhesion and the influence on various environmental conditions. 

Background: Chemistry and Polymer Science

Academic interests: Stimuli-responsive sustainable materials (degradable recycled, or bio-based) for high impact applications. 

Ongoing projects: Development of soft materials with reduced ice adhesion

Development of silane coatings to control wetting properties

Background: Industrial Biotechnology

Academic interests: Development, formulation and characterization of drug and medical devices

Ongoing projects: Polysaccharides derivatives: Characterization and implementation as medical devices

Alessandro Migliavacca 

Background: Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology, Polymers Science 

Academic interests: Sustainable materials for water treatment, Smart polymers 

Ongoing projects: Development of innovative materials and technologies for wastewater treatment in the context of appliances 

Federica Marelli

Background: Chemistry

Academic interests: Surface functionalization and characterization, sustainable materials.

Ongoing projects: Polysaccharide-based icephobic materials.

Master students

Tseday Hailegiorgis Beshe

Development of a measurement system to investigate ice adhesion on surfaces

March 2022- August 2022

Lea Saad

Graphene Oxide Applications for the Treatment of Appliances 


March 2024- July 2024

Daniele Pontoriero

Development and production of new materials with anti-icing properties from Colwellia psychrerythraea 34H polysaccharides.


March 2024- December 2024

Cagatay Omer Cineviz

Laser Surface Modification of Nitinol Shape Memory Alloys: Impact on Surface Morphology and Hydrophobic Properties 


May 2024- September 2024

Bachelor students

Davide Parlato

Study of wettability and ice adhesion on shape memory alloys


July 2023- April 2024

Veronica Cavalli

Sviluppo di materiali di origine naturale per il trattamento di acque industriali contenenti residui iodurati 

@Istituto Ronzoni 

March 2024- September 2024

Riccardo Motto

Caratterizzazione di leghe a memoria di forma con proprietà antighiaccio  


May 2024- September 2024

Marta Mastrosimone

Misure di bagnabilità su gas diffusion layer con diverse soluzioni elettrolitiche 

June 2024- 

Giuliano Sangiorgio

Functionality modification and characterization of chitosan for application as hydrophobic coating 

March 2024- July 2024